What are the fees for overdue or lost items?


Overdue Fees:

Overdue Fees by Type of Item
Overdue Fine Type Amount
Standard Items After overdue for 21 days, lost book fee will be charged
Recalled Items $1.00 per day
iPads $25.00 after the first day overdue; patron is then billed for replacement costs after five days overdue
All other technology and equipment $6.00 for first hour; $1.00 per additional hour
Course Reserves Materials $6.00 for first hour; $1.00 per additional hour
Reference books, Interlibrary Loan items, Music CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs $1.00 per day

You will be notified of overdue items via email. If you are not receiving reminder emails, please check your spam/junk folder. There is no grace period for overdue items.

Replacement Fees:

The replacement fee for lost items is subject to the cost for the library to purchase the item and have the item shipped. In the case that a replacement price cannot be found for a lost item, the minimum replacement fee listed below will be utilized.

Replacement Fees for Lost Items
Replacement Fee Type Amount
Library Media Collections $250.00
Humanities Books $75.00
Science Books $95.00
Art Books $95.00
Journals $50.00
Government Documents (Published after 1950) $50.00
Government Documents (Published before 1950) $100.00