How can I find a book that isn't on the shelf where the catalog says it should be?


Books may not be on the shelf because they are checked out to someone. Check the record in the library online catalog to see if a book has been checked out and when it is due. If a book you want has not been checked out but is not where it should be, try checking the following places:

  1. Look on shelves labeled 'Reshelve' near the call number location where your book should be located.
  2. Look around on tables near the call number location of the book you want; often people gather a number of books and take them to a study table to browse.
  3. Look near photocopy machines in case someone may have been copying pages from the book you want.

If you can't locate the book, go to the Circulation desk on the first floor and request that library staff search for the book. They will fill out a missing book form for you.