What is the BARN? How do I use it?


The BARN is the Merrill-Cazier Library's on-site storage. BARN stands for Borrowers Automated Retrieval System.

How long does it take to get materials stored in the BARN?

Materials requested from the BARN are typically available within 5 minutes. Just ask at the Checkout Desk to check on or pick up material you requested.

What is stored in the BARN?

  • All of our back issues of magazines and journals
  • A number of our less frequently used books
  • Most of our microform, microfilm, and microfiche
  • Some VHS tapes and DVDs

Can I browse books and journals in the BARN?

Patrons are not allowed in the BARN. Items stored in the BARN are listed in the Library Catalog. Stop by the Checkout Desk for help identifying and accessing items stored in the BARN.

Why do we have the BARN?

Funding for replacing the Merrill Library covered construction for a building the same size as the Merrill Library - in other words, no room to grow. The BARN allowed us to devote space for study rooms and open study, yet still accommodates growth of collections through at least 2025.