Is this a good question? (EXAMPLE)


This sample FAQ answer shows many formatting situations. A real FAQ answer would never be this long! Remember that there is helpful info in the LPMs FAQ Updating Resources Box folder.

Keep in mind Writing for the Web best practices. Use parallelisms in lists, such as beginning each step with an imperative verb.

  • Capitalize the first letter of items in a bulleted or numbered list
  • Use ending punctuation consistently within the FAQ (either do or don't)
  • Remember to insert a horizontal line when starting a new section

Section (Heading 3)

Here are some numbered steps guidelines:

  1. Include an in-text link if telling them to go somewhere.
  2. This is the second step.
  3. Use bold for link or button names.
  4. Be mindful of word choice guidelines such as Select vs. Choose vs. Click vs. Press.
  5. Ex:   Under Find click on Articles and Databases.


Put 1 line of space before and after a Special Container to add some negative/empty space. Here is more text to fill up this container a little more. Bold can also be used inside the Special Container as needed.


Need to add more text after a Special Container? Hover the mouse over the Special Container and click on the red dotted line and return arrow to get the cursor to go below the box. Remember to press Enter to add a line space immediately after the Special Container. 

Formatting Images (Use Title Case capitalization for H3)

Images are helpful for patrons to recognize when they're in the right place, but use them sparingly.

For now we are focusing on formatting existing FAQ images and identifying which FAQs need an image added. Images will be edited or added to FAQs at a later time.


If an FAQ has an image, but you feel the image needs to be improved (different image, cropped differently, etc) follow the formatting guidelines below, but also add an Internal Note on the FAQ with suggested changes to the image.


  1. Adjust image placement up or down on page, if needed (Select it inside Rich Text Editor and drag it up or down)
  2. Add Alt text - see Springshare's Alt Text Best Practices for guidelines on adding and composing alt text
  3. Resize image to width less than 50% (probably 25-40% is ideal--the goal is for any important text in the image to be readable but the image not taking up too much space). Enter Width value with a % symbol, enter 100% for Height.
  4. Border: 1 pt
  5. HSpace: 8   VSpace: 5
  6. Alignment: Right

Including Contact Info

If you need to include contact info, use a general email address such as or when possible. Remember to format the email address as an email link. 

  • For contact info for specific faculty or staff, format it as below (each person on their own line)
    • Firstname Lastname, Job Title or Department (as it relates to this FAQ),


Carmen Jacome, Document Delivery & Troubleshooting specialist

Jason Folkman, Electronic Resources librarian

Adding Related Links

Adding related FAQs (Heading 4)

  • Click on Add Link to FAQ
  • Start typing title or keywords of the FAQ you want to add.
  • Click the FAQ title you want from the dropdown list.
  • Do not manually edit the Link Title to add or delete a Q. The FAQ title updates automatically when/if changes are made to it (I think!)

How can I print from my laptop on campus?

Adding LibGuide links (Use sentence case capitalization for H4)

  • Include How-to Guide: or Research Guide: (don't forget the colon) before the LibGuide title.

How-To Guide: Finding Books and Media

Research Guide: ENGL 2010

Research Guide: Government Information

Adding library webpage links

  • Start with USU Libraries
  • Add a vertical pipe (located above Return or Enter key)
  • Add the title of the webpage (found in the tab of your web browser when on that page)

USU Libraries | Course Reserves

USU Libraries | Printing, Scanning, and Copying

Adding USU webpage links

  • Start with USU
  • Add a vertical pipe (located above Return or Enter key)
  • Add the title of the webpage (found in tab of the web browser)

USU | Emeritus Faculty

Adding webpages outside of USU

  • Start the organization name
  • Add a vertical pipe
  • Add the title of the webpage

Purdue OWL | MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Notes on See Also Section

  • Try to keep to 4 links or less.
  • Reorder into a logical order--links likely to be most helpful at the top of the list, less related towards the bottom.
  • Group "like" links together when possible. (FAQ links with FAQ links, Libguides with Libguides)


Topics and Keywords

  • Remember to check that each FAQ has at least 1 Topic selected and at least 1 Keyword.
  • Include other spellings of keywords (ebook e book and e-book, for example) if you need to create new keywords.

Do not insert an extra line space at the end of the FAQ body text.