What are the fees for overdue or lost items?


Overdue Fees

Overdue Fees by Type of Item
Overdue Fine Type Amount
Standard Items After 21 days beyond the due date a lost book fee will be charged
Recalled Items $1.00 per day
iPads $25.00 after the first day overdue; patron is then billed for replacement costs after five days overdue
All other technology and equipment $6.00 for first hour; $1.00 per additional hour
Course Reserves Materials $6.00 for first hour; $1.00 per additional hour
Reference books, Interlibrary Loan items, Music CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs $1.00 per day


You will be notified of overdue items via email. 
If you are not receiving reminder emails, please check your spam/junk folder.
There is no grace period for overdue items.

Replacement Fees

The replacement fee for lost items is subject to the cost for the library to purchase the item and have the item shipped. In the case that a replacement price cannot be found for a lost item, the minimum replacement fee listed below will apply.

Replacement Fees for Lost Items
Replacement Fee Type Amount
Library Media Collections $250.00
Humanities Books $75.00
Science Books $95.00
Art Books $95.00
Journals $50.00
Government Documents (Published after 1950) $50.00
Government Documents (Published before 1950) $100.00