How do I find books or other items in the Library?


Find a book on the shelf

See our Finding a Book in Merrill-Cazier Library guide for step by step instructions to find a book on the shelf using its call number.

Search the Library Catalog

Search the library catalog to find physical books, e-books, journals, media, and other materials in the library. E-books and e-journals in the catalog will include a direct link to view or download the item online. Special Collections or Course Reserves items may need to be retrieved by library staff for you. 

See the instructions below for help locating different kinds of materials or locations:

Library of Congress Classification System

USU Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system (LCC) to organize our collections. Academic and research libraries use this system instead of the Dewey decimal system, as is common in public and K-12 education institutions. The Library of Congress system is divided into classes and subclasses by subject, which are used to create an alpha-numeric call number for cataloging library materials. To browse LCC classes, see this outline of Library of Congress.